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New material on YouTube

It pays to keep checking YouTube for new material.

Some very high quality audio-only recordings have been posted from Knightmare SM.

I had never heard some of these before, or never before heard the studio CD version here.

OMG these productions are delicious!

lots more too.

They have had very few views, they might get yanked, so grab them now!

Re: New material on YouTube

Hi FB:

Thank you for the links to those videos.
Can you save the video clips from YouTube?

I used to be able to get them from the "Temporary Internet Files" folder on the old computer. That doesn't work on a newer computer, perhaps due to different set-up options.

May I ask how you obtain and save a copy of a video from YouTube?

Re: New material on YouTube

I'm using Win XP Home with the latest service pack.

First, it helps to run Disc Cleanup to empty out the Temporary Internet Files Folder.

Next, on your Desktop, right-click on a blank area, from the menu select New, then select Shortcut, then the Browse button. From the list click the + box to expand My Computer, expand Documents and Settings, expand (your user name), expand Local Settings----here you will find Temporary Internet Files. Select it, then OK, back to the Make Shortcut Box, then Next, then Finish.

Use the shortcut you just made to go to Temporary Internet Files. The security warning will appear, click yes to proceed. At the top of the next page select "View" and make sure "Details" is selected, Arrange Icons By should have "Size" selected, At the upper left side right click next to "Name" and make sure the whole list is checked 'on'.

Close Temp. Internet Files. Now watch a YouTube, when you are done, go to your desktop and use your shortcut to go to Temp Internet Files. Make sure there are some new files there. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and there should be a large file there, around 25,000 KB, more or less. Each YouTube brings with it a bunch of small files but there should be only one large file. It will have a long name, usually starting with "videoplayback". (If there is nothing new there, try looking in another user's folder instead of (your user name) within Documents and Settings.) The long name will cause trouble. You can't use it as is. While you're watching the video highlight the name or some portion of the name of the YouTube, rightclick on it select "copy".

Now we are ready to save the file. Make sure you are side-scrolled all the way over to the left, where the gibberish file-name is. Single-click to highlight it, then right-lick and select "open in new window". After a second or two, "File Download" will begin flashing in the taskbar, click to bring it up. Click "Save", Navigate to a place to save it to. Clear out the box for the filename, rightclick and hit "Paste" and the name of the YouTube will be placed there. Certain characters are not allowed in filenames, you will have to edit these out, or just make up your own filename. Now, !!! most important !!! add .flv to the end of the name. Click Save. Now look into where you saved it to and see if it is there and if it plays. You have to do this right away. Some vanish within minutes, others will stay until you delete them manually or run Disc Cleanup. Some videos have .mov or .mpeg4 extensions instead of .flv and must be saved as such. Its a good idea to delete the file from Temp. Internet Files after you have saved it to avoid confusion when you watch a second or more YouTube and don't know which file it belongs to. The largest will move to the bottom.

Playing the videos:
Now I use the GOM Player, it's free:

Often videos will play with no audio, and the player will prompt you to "Find Codec". Do this, it finally worked for me. At last I got this fixed, and the correct one is here, free:

not free, but perhaps more trustworthy:

Good Luck!

Re: New material on YouTube

Wow FB, Thank you kindly for the detailed explanation.

Will try that out for sure.

Thank you so much for taking the time to give the full instructions.
Greatly appreciated.

Re: New material on YouTube

well i'm one of those people who is obnoxious and owns a mac... how can that be done with a macbook?

Re: New material on YouTube

I have just uploaded 2 videos (part 1 and 2) of a Chinese opera performance by Anita onto YouTube.

A friend told me these 2 clips are embedded in a Chinese Forum. FB's tips on finding video files in the Temporary Internet Folder definitely helped. THANKS again FB.

I have now uploaded these clips:




While playing around with these files, I came across other methods of capturing video clips.
Can you run FireFox web browser on the MAC?
FireFox on PC has an "ADD-ON" function that allows you to save videos from YouTube and other websites.

RealPlayer SP version, which is free, also allows for video capture from YouTube.

I will write in more detail later on.

Re: New material on YouTube


Thank you for posting the two videos above. I've never seen those before. I guess the year was around 1984.

Anita sang opera so well and looked fantastic in her male role. I love it!

Re: New material on YouTube

Thank you, Beep Beep, for sharing the clippings.

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