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New updates

Dear frens,
I'm still trying to fix something within the webpage, whilst that, Beep Beep had supplied some news from Mingpao. Plz follow the link here to reach the page and I hope translation will follow soon (Beep Beep plz help out).


Re: New updates

Just been informed that one link is down. After checking, I found the entire website is down for I've been trying to figure out the problem, so plz be patience till solution is out. Upon further checking, found the website actually expired and since woodstock is no longer here, the site was not being subscribe. The content is safe and available, I may need to move them to a new directory and re-arrange all the link in the index page of This kind of work can take a long time to do, so bear with me for a while, ok? I'm sorry u r all no longer able to view any data store in this website - so does 2 more website under hongkong dnr, - and

Rgds & apology,

Re: New updates


Really busy with work earlier on. Sorry for the long delay with the translations.

Just translating the Title and captions first.
Will go into the actual contents later:

Article 1:
"Grasshoppers giving their award to Anita Mui"

Article 2:
"Matchy is talking about previous sentiment for the first time.
'Still cannot forget Anita Mui'."

Caption for the picture on the left below the title:
"After putting down the flowers, Matchy looked up at Anita’s photo (in blue circle), and was in deep thoughts for a long time."

To Be Continued .............

Re: New updates

First article: Grasshoppers giving award to Anita Mui (dated Jan/2010)

I will just translate the general meaning, rather than translate word for word.
(Just a lot easier and faster this way.)

At the Jade Solid Gold Top 10 award ceremony, the Grasshoppers were given a Leaping Across the Stage Award. They were singing some songs from the "Polygram era".

The three of them have worked together for 25 years. Besides thanking their fans, they also thanked 3 women: their first manager Shuik Fun Chan, their current manager San-San Lam, the third is their C-fu Anita Mui. They said that years ago, they had already given their very first New Artist Award to Anita. Before she "left", they said they had promised not to do anything that would disgrace her. "This award belongs to Anita Mui. Ah Mui, this award is for you." The MC, Eric Tsang, was in tears in front of everyone, remembering Anita.

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