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Taiwanese song writer talked about Anita

A summary article has been recently posted on a mainland China website (

It is an interview of a Taiwanese song writer named "Little Worm". He is the producer for 2 of her albums, probably both had mandarin songs. I will just translate the more interesting parts of the writing that is related to Anita.

"One thing that is very memorable for me. Anita did not know that Taiwan has a tradition. Once a singer has finished working on an album, he/she has to burn some fire crackers at the top of a mountain, as a blessing to wish for high volume sales for the new album. After we finished making the record "Intimate Lover", we went to a mountain top where there was nobody else around. We were there with just over a dozen workers or so; her bodyguard and my staff etc. We were lighting up fire crackers, in the mean time being quite nervous. We did not want to disturb any residents, and were also scared that police might come. so once the fire crackers were lit up we just ran on bare feet.

Seeing Anita being such a little girl, just saw her jumping around. Then we saw the fire crackers falling back down and lit up a part of the mountain. The plants were on fire. We were slapping out the fire with our jackets. She (Anita did the same thing) with her expensive clothes. The fire was put out that way. That is so memorable for me. She was a diva. She was so genuinely being herself, playing so happily. I will never forget that image."
Below is one of several YouTube video clippings of the song "Initimate Lover".

"Little Worm" wrote the lyrics and composed the music for this song.

Re: Taiwanese song writer talked about Anita

Thank you BeepBeep for your translation.
I went to the link. I noticed he was talking about the piano version. What did he said? If you can translate it, we will be happy. If you do not want, that is okay.

Re: Taiwanese song writer talked about Anita


Yes, I do plan on translating the other section of that interview. Stay tune.... that part will be translated later on.

Re: Taiwanese song writer talked about Anita

I saw it on Baidu already. Mui Mui is so cute & lovely

Re: Taiwanese song writer talked about Anita

Continuation of the same interview of "Little Worm"

The "Intimate Lover" produced that year totally changed her "Bad Girl" image from head to toe into the image of a refined woman, how did you write that song for her?

Little Worm: "One day I was in the studio. Anita said to me: 'Worm-Gor (Gor means older-brother. Calling someone this way shows a sign of respect for the person. People often refer to Leslie Cheung as Gor-Gor for the same reason.) Is it okay if we stop recording after 10pm? Or else just let me take a break for half an hour to an hour?'
I said: 'Everyday?'
She said: 'Yes, everyday.'
I said: 'Why?'
She said: 'Don't ask, I just don't (want to) record after 10pm.'
I agreed, but she could see that I was disappointed. Then she said that if I am still in good spirit after an hour, we can resume the recording.

Then everyday, around 10pm, she dropped her headphone, stopped recording and stepped out. Within 5 minutes, the phone would ring. I was getting curious why was it so punctual everyday. Then she was like "Little bird leaning against a person" while talking, hiding in the corner, crouching down, chatting happily, the face was so sweet.

I found out later from elsewhere that she was in love. The other person lived abroad, and there was a time difference. (BeepBeep's comment: I think that was Paul, calling from England.) So he was calling punctually at 10 o'clock to see how Anita was doing, to have a loving chat.

I observed for 2 to 3 days in a row, and felt that (she) was very adorable. (She) was a diva already, and still had that sensation of a little girl. The kind of joy and sweetness from being in love, I was looking at her from a distance, and wrote this song "Intimate Lover" at the piano.

She was very happy after talking on the phone. Every day after chatting on the phone, she was flying around like an angel. I said : ' You come over here. Just when you were talking on the phone, I wrote a song.'
Then I sang it for her to listen to. She learned it very quickly. Then she said: 'this is a very nice song (pleasant to hear)'.

I feel that a lot of people don't realize what Anita needed inside her heart. I hope that through this song, I can tell all her fans who love her, that Anita really was hoping for love. She did not only hope for love, she also wanted to bless everyone to have love. So the last song in this "Intimate Lover" album is the piano version, which is the version I wrote that day, and also the most original version. It is most sincere and genuine as well.

This album has proven to be a big-seller. I thank Anita Mui very much for willing to sing this song. Some big-shots you know, they won't sing certain songs. Yet she was willing to sing this song and sang it so well. I am very grateful.

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