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Dear all frens and fans,
Thank you very much for all the support during these few years in our web and forum. Regretfully I have to inform all of you that Woodstock have leaved us forever. Woodstock passed away in Melbourne on 29th Jan 2010 due to Lung cancer. From now on, Woodstock will not be able to answer ur queries but hopefully some other fans might help out your question. May we all pray for Woodstock to be in peace. I will try to re-arrange the web to another webmaster to manage the news from HK. In the meantime, bear wth us, we need ur support in this. Thanks.

Re: Woodstock

May Woodstock rest in peace.

Re: Woodstock

This is devastating news...I had no idea..

My condolences to her family and the Mui fan community.

So many thoughts.....

Re: Woodstock

This is too shocking and devastating.

Woodstock is so young, about the same age range as Anita when she passed away (if I am not mistaken).

May she rest in peace and I have to thank her one more time for all the effort she put into this wonderful website.

Why the good die young??

Re: Woodstock

Oh my God.
I cannot believe the sad news. I have to thank her all what she has done for us.

No wonder I did not get any e-mail from her.

Woodstack is now with Anita. They are catching up there six years in the another world.

I miss you deeply, Woodstock.


Re: Woodstock

Dear Woodstock,

Rest in peace, I'm sure you are with Anita now...
I still have the photo frame/with Anita's photo you gave me 5years ago..

Thank you for your great effort in this website, you will always be remembered.


Re: Woodstock

Thanks Amanda for telling me.

I'm deeply sorry to hear of Woodstock's passing....i'm shocked too. May her soul rest in peace.

Re: Woodstock

I'm speechless...

Never once met Woodstock, only knew her via this forum.
She's gone too soon - possibly on her way to reunite with Anita.

R.I.P Woodstock, thank you and I miss you...

Re: Woodstock


I fully support your decision to continue with this website. I will continue to upload any interesting articles related to Anita.

Really appreciate your persistence in keeping this informative "library" running. I have a feeling Woodstock would like to have this site continuing as well. I am still trying to get over the shock of her passing.

Re: Woodstock

Oh my GOD! I am so shocked and I am so speechless. May Woodstock rest in peace. My condolences to her family. I want to thank her again for all her support and information that she provided us. I am always grateful.

Re: Woodstock

speechless, sadless

Re: Woodstock

Indeed shocking to hear this. The last email we had from her was that she's leaving to Australia.

We came to know Woodstock from this forum and she had been of great help in providing informations relating to Anita's CDs,DVDs and news etc......

We shall miss Woodstock,an ardent fan of Anita and
a Good friend to all fans of Anita,some may know her personally, many just thru this forum.

May Woodstock rest in peace. (Ummmm Woodstock probably get to watch Anita and friends in concert in the other world !!!


Re: Woodstock

Chère Woodstock,

C’est une bien triste journée que cette fête des lanternes 2010.

J’apprends en effet ce jour que vous nous avez quittés le 29 janvier dernier.

Je ne vous ai jamais vue, mais c’est comme si je vous connaissais.

Vous étiez mon seul lien avec l’univers d’Anita, grâce à ce merveilleux site bilingue.

Accaparé par le quotidien, je n’y allais plus aussi souvent qu’auparavant.

Jamais je n’oublierai votre accueil sur le forum, le 8 août 2005, lorsque vous m’avez répondu en français.

Vous avez toujours répondu à mes questions sur Anita, même à celles dont les réponses étaient connues de tous les fans.

Grâce à vous, j’ai découvert qui était vraiment Anita.

J’aurai aimé vous rencontrer un jour à HK.

Hélas, cela n’arrivera jamais.

Anita a surpris tous ses fans en disparaissant si vite après le Classic Moment.

Vous nous avez tous surpris aussi.

Je suis sûr que vous êtes maintenant près d’elle, comme vous l’étiez déjà sur les papiers peints de Dana.

Pardonnez-moi d’avoir été si long, mais je suis un français bavard.

Pardonnez-moi aussi de ne pas écrire en anglais, mais mon émotion est trop grande pour me lancer dans une traduction.

Je ne vous oublierai jamais.


Re: Woodstock

love you woodstock! followed your site since 2002!

Re: Woodstock

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