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Building a School in Memory of Anita

See article below (from MingPao Weekly Magazine Dec/2009 or Jan/2010) about the planning of building a school in China in memory of Anita.


Please translate if you have time.
I probably won't be able to translate till next weekend.

Re: Building a School in Memory of Anita

Translation to above article from MingPao Weekly Magazine (dated around Dec/2009)

Title: Building School in Guangxi. Fans fulfilling Anita's Wish

December 30th would be the sixth year anniversary of Anita's passing. At this time every year, the Anita Mui International Fan Club will hold memorial activities. This year there will also be an additional meaningful program, which is to build a school. Ever since 1999 when Anita visited Yuannan, she had this one wish. That is to build a school in Guangxi, helping out the children in the city where her ancestors came from. This wish shall be fulfilled by her fans.

CAPTION of top picture:

That year when Anita visited Kuming, she met a bunch of kids in poverty. Anita was most touched when the children sang a song for her.

CAPTION to second picture from top:
On that visit, Anita brought many boxes of pencils, notebooks, erasers, and pencil sharpeners as gifts for the children in poverty in the mountainous areas. Now her wish can be fulfilled.

CAPTION to lower picture:
Chairlady of the Anita Mui International Fan Club, Miss So, will go to the mainland for site inspection, planning to build a school in Anita's name next year (2010).

For the body of the article, I will not translate word for word as that would take a long time. I will just summarize and translate the key sentences or ideas in each paragraph.


In 1999, Anita followed the Oxfam group to visit the farmers and their families who were living in poverty, in the city of Kuming, in the province of Yuannan. The chairlady of the Fan Club, Miss So, also went along with her. She said that was a tough trip. The site was in the mountainous area. Had to get up early as well. After seeing those children, Anita thought of building a school in her ancestral city Guangxi. There was pouring rain during the three-day visit. Anita got entirely soaking wet. Both feet were in the mud, but she did not mind at all.

Paragraph_2 Preparing $300,000 to build a school

The Anita Mui International Fan Club will donate the funding for building a school. The plan can be carried out next year (2010) at the earliest.
Miss So said: "This is Anita's wish. We are indeed in the thought-process. Wait till after (December) 30th, after the memorial activities are completed, we will go for a site-inspection. Building a school there would require about $200,000 to $300,000 (probably HKD or CNY). The Anita Mui International Fan Club has some money, with additional donations from the Anita Mui True Heart (Four Seas One Heart) Charity Foundation, there should be enough money."
Actually, over the years, Anita had fostered (donated money to help raise) 30 children of different ethnicity. Anita had said before "Getting Christmas cards from all those children every year. They are of all different races: black, white, yellow." One can see Anita paid much attention to the up-bringing of young children.

Paragraph_3 Anthony Lun's piano sound to memorialize Anita

On Dec 29th Mui Nation will hold Mui Music Show Charity Night, showing Anita's Mui Music Concert from 2001. Anthony Lun will attend this event, playing the piano to memorialize his good friend Anita.

Dec 30th Anita Mui International Fan Club will hold an event in Central, "Only because of you 2009 Memorial Night", free for all to attend. During that afternoon, the fan club will also go to the Temple (the one in Kowloon city) to pay respect to Anita.

NOTE from BeepBeep:

Anita's passing was a wake-up call to many of us, for paying attention to our health, treasuring life, appreciate what we have, appreciate family and friends, always sharing and giving to the less fortunate as Anita always did to live a very meaningful life, despite the number of years one gets to live.

Woodstock spent a lot of time building this website, probably because she wanted viewers to understand Anita more, to learn about her, and to learn from her.

The totally unexpected passing of Woodstock has not only reminded all of us, once again, how unpredictable life can be, how vulnerable we are at any age, but also demonstrates how important it is to pass on Anita's legacy, her story, and her music to others before this generation eventually phases out.

I hope the continuation of this website will help others learn about Anita for generations to come, as this is likely to be Woodstock's wish as well.

I will try as hard as I can to continue with translations, because I feel that this is the best and the least I can do to pay tribute to both Anita and Woodstock.

Re: Building a School in Memory of Anita

Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Building a School in Memory of Anita

BeepBeep, thank you very much!

Woodstock should be happy in Heaven for what you are doing.

Re: Building a School in Memory of Anita

Thank you very much BB!

If someone wanted to contribute a donation in Woodstock's name to Anita's charity fund, would that be possible, like by using Paypal and without having to know Chinese?

I would very much like to see/hear a recording of Anthony Lun's piano performance at the Dec. 30th event, if it ever becomes available.

Re: Building a School in Memory of Anita


One does not need to know Chinese to donate money.

I don't know if PayPal would work, but you should be able to do either one of the following:

(a) buy a money order or draft (in HK dollars, and bank would convert for you), specifying the Foundation name that would be the recipient of the donation, and then mail that to the Foundation's address (listed at the end of this posting)


(b) electronically wiring the money (again in HK dollars) directly into the Foundation's bank account (also listed below).

I think your bank would likely charge a higher service fee for method (b), but best to check with your bank.

Foundation Name and Address:
Anita Mui True Heart Charity Foundation
Rm 2611 2-20 Paterson Street
Causeway Bay
Hong Kong

Foundation's bank account is in:
Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited
1 Garden Road,
Hong Kong

Foundation's Acct number: 03055000216889

I wish the Foundation would set up its own website one of these days.

Re: Building a School in Memory of Anita

This is exactly the information I was looking for. Thank you!

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