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Anita Mui Forum梅豔芳自由講壇
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Problem with our Forum

I'm sorry that our Forum got into great trouble recently. Since it's a free forum, their new practice is to ban further posting once the upper limit of threads are reached. I apologize to you all if you can't post any messages in our forum since the beginning of this month.

Our immediate remedy is to move all the old posting to our websites. The links are as follows: - postings for all messages from 2006 to 2009 - translation by Beepbeep - translation by FY

Meanwhile, Snoopy is trying to find a new host for our Forum. Hopefully we would have a solution shortly.

We value all our readers, we would like to have your continuous support, and we hope you will bear with us for the inconvenience for this moment.

Re: Problem with our Forum

I forgot to mention that there is free space for you to post now. I will keep on moving some of the postings to our website in order to clear up more space for new postings.


Beep Beep: Where are you? Our readers must be hungry for your translation lately

Re: Problem with our Forum

Hi Woodstock:

Thank you for gathering all my translations and storing them in a centralized place.

I will be doing more translation once things get less busy at work. In the mean time, I can see that you have definitely been working hard with the MingPao Weekly articles from December. Those ones are tough to do.

So glad to see that this website is still being actively maintained.

Re: Problem with our Forum

y so troublesome move here & there??

get a free forum from
trust me.. i use for 5yr for my idol website forum it still alive with 2000+ posts

this is the best forum...

Re: Problem with our Forum


Welcome to our forum.

Thank you for the information about the website of the free forum. It does look neat. Anyhow, let the webmaster, Snoopy, decide what to do.

I guess I also already replied you the question you posted under the other thread.

Re: Problem with our Forum

hope webmaster can do a upgrade le .. i intro u one is best forum i can find.
Click on my Instant Messenger: to view my another idol forum page .. u can see we 2000+ post with no limited @ all.

btw do Snoopy come online one??

1. I spot 1 (nt sure isit error)
When we go in
there is a word name "Entre" should it name as "Enter" ?

2. I think the site is using frontpg to create.
To make the website name page show e.g "Anita Mui Music Site" rather than "Home Page" when we login to
U need to edit/add a "meta" correctly. This also can improve when people are doing a search on yahoo / google. Quite important.

Put these under (frontpg will create for u but not very detail, editing is needed)
Cant key the html here so post a image

Ah sorry le. cant change my way as i spot some error if possible i will let ppl know so u can correct them if u want.
i use to create a basic web for my idol before with many research try & error so i know there are something need to change to make it better. I m not a prof webmaster too .

Re: Problem with our Forum


Will look into the 2 items you mentioned. You are always welcome to let us know our errors or give us suggestions. Thank you!

May I know who is your idol? I'm just being curious. You can choose not to answer my question.

Re: Problem with our Forum

ha i had quite a few idol.. anita is one of them too
but the site which i create for is Jolin.
I think u did not notice i post her forum link (where i want to show you that the forum itself had 2000+ post) i just want to tell u that the forum dont have limited post so u dont have to move ur post over & there.

btw i think this forum timing also wrong.....

Re: Problem with our Forum

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