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private trail

Where does the private trail that every one is taking.a few miles before getting to Williams road,take you.I love riding your trail system . Your club has always done a great job of grooming and trail maintenance.Kirk

Re: private trail

It takes you to alder creek golf course and you can cross rt.12 there

Re: private trail

The volunteer's that maintain this "Private Trail" would like everyone to go to State Dam Rd to avoid too much noise and traffic by house across from golf course.

Re: private trail

thank you for the feed back. I've been riding for 40 years and respect all land owners.would love to know how to instill this in all riders.concerned that the future will have fewer and fewer trails to ride,caused by disrespectful riders.let's all stay on the trails! think snow!

Re: private trail


You're absolutely right. Unfortunately these latest closures were one part of organic farming rules and the other was because of noise.

Re: private trail

Thanks for the info,I'll make sure to go that way for now on, and I am bummed about the loss of the trail. It was one of my favorite sections. Loud cans are a huge problem and really aren't worth the tiny amount of power they create.if you need more acceleration do clutch work or improve your traction.dont make it annoyingly loud. Thanks for the outstanding job and time spent grooming and on maintenance and signage on our trails!