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Snowmobile operation on Railroad right of way and tracks !

We need the help of all the good honest members of this club to help us stop the illegal and unsafe operation of snowmobiles on our Railroad. The railroad right of way and its tracks are indeed private property. This winter has been particularly bad due to the amount of snow and also the frequency of the storms. It would appear that we don't even use the tracks, but we do, at least once a week. The problem that we are having is all it takes is one snowmobile to make a trail. These trails become packed and turn to ice then the next thing you know we have derailed costing a very small company large amounts of money. The big problem area is from Edic Rd. in Maynard right up through the town of Marcy to Tom Farrs property where your trail begins. Our company has agreements in place with your club for legal crossings through out your trail system and we deserve the respect that you give to all the other land owners. Please help us. Whether its with signage or word of mouth please get the word out. It would be a shame to close all of our property off to all of the good honest riders because of bad ones.

Re: Snowmobile operation on Railroad right of way and tracks !

The only legal crossings that we(the RR) and the club have,are. The one by the Holland Patent Co-op. The one by the Trenton Highway Department. The one between Phelps Rd. and North Main St. Remsen.(by the old Williams Oil)and the one at the end of the Williams Rd. We do not have any other crossing agreements at this time. All crossings are to be done 90 degrees to the tracks and are to be made no wider than your groomer. Groomer operators have been asked in the past to empty their drags before crossing the tracks to keep the snow level with the top of rail. No permission has been granted for operation on the right of way other than the aforementioned crossings. The people we are trying to stop are the ones accessing the railroad from the west end of Farrs property and using the railroad both north and south of Fish Lane Rd. Any one caught will be arrested.