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Re: Grooming

Dear Old800xcr

I noticed you did not put your email on the post, so i will ask here. Please email me, or send me your adress.

I would like to personally send you a check for your Penn Mountain Membership. I am sorry you feel the way you do.

I am a board member, and do see the Thousand of volunteer hours and efforts that go into make this club, and other clubs work.

Just a this week, a crew of over 30 people cleared branches, fix and ,maintained groomers, meet at A membership meeting to make sure we had funding for fuel to run the groomers, and buy parts needed to keep them going, went to a county association meeting to keep abreast of the requriements needed to keep our club funded and safe, set up a groomer operater course, as well as a child saftey course.
As well as plan for the DMV to come to Rt 12 rest area in Jan, & Feb, provide staffing, coffee, rest rooms for the guest and Volunteers.
As well as start grant applications for new equipment. Dod you know a new Trucker Groomer cost 180,000.00 Yes thats 180 thousand dollars. Each 25.00 membership does help.

Many volunteers gave time, effort, money, and what ever it took to keep this club going. Just like so many have in the past.
I am sorry you are disappointed, that the trails did not meet your expectations the first few days of early winter riding.

PLease be sure to Send me your adress for a FULL refund.

God bless America, and have a Merry Christmas