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Sandy,As I stated when we talked I re-joined in dec. of 2002.I'm in no way blamiing you or anyone about being deleted(mistakes do happen),if I've offended you in anyway on that I'm sorry(and I dont say that to often,ask my wife).But when you go up to someone who is asking for volunteers to help the club saying "what can I do to help"and they blow you off,what can you do?As I remember you said you just took over the post this year and have alot of missing members,I'm sure it will take some time to get everbody back on the list and I'm sure you'll do a great job!As for this PC,I nomally try to avoid it. (you can lose alot of time in it )I also understand it can be very fustratiing when our fund raisiing products develope feet and walk away with no proceeds comiing back,but if its not out there how can we sell it?Not everyone shops on-line and some might buy it because they may have been cold that day and our stuff was there for them to buy.As I stated in those missing forum posts(and thank you for noticiing,even if you don't agree with some or all of my suggestions,I'm really trying to help)I don't have all the answers and I hope that we all can work together even if we don't always agree on the issuses.Thanks again for your efforts and time, some of us really do appreciate most of our volunteers efforts,but we all need to be reminded were not always right all the time(me too).

Re: Sandy

I'm not a member of your club, I don't ride your trails, but I do like to read all of the different forums. I never thought that Dean's post was very negative. Maybe if I actually knew him, I would understand why everyone overreacted to his post. I even read about his "negative" attitude on another forum. The biggest problem with clubs is that if you are not in the "inner circle" you might as well not bother going to the meetings. This may be the reason why only 20% of snowmobilers join clubs. By the way I am a member of a club.

Re: Re: Sandy

Thank you Matt! I think you've nailed it!One of the biggest problems is that we all get to comfortable either in a club,work or other aspects of our lives.(me too)When someone new comes along and stirs things up we all get upset even when that is whats need to get things moviing in the right direction.I think the biggest dissagreement between Rick and my self is that he thinks that increaseing costs on everone will help with the high costs of trail maintainance.I think we should focus on other options for income.I do not believe that increasiing the registrations will out weigh this cost and I agree with Rick that it is high and needs attention.As I understand it NYS is going to raise the rates from $25.00 to $45.00 to help the clubs.This will effectively raise the cost per snowmobile for a club member to about $65.00 per person(single)or $155.00 for a familly with 3 snowmobiles.While some people can afford this, I don't think all of us can.Over all Rick is a hard working advocate for the sport,but needs to be reminded from time to time, we are all not rich.Thanks again for your input(from a fellow club member)and hope you had a good season!

Registration Increase

I think Rick's point is simple. We need to squeeze the people who own machines,but take for granted everything a club does. There are alot of people out there that simply do not/will not join a club! Most other states,ie. Maine when you register put you as a member of MSA(Maine Snowmobile Assoc.). It's all about numbers in a political climate that we have today. Ask any NRA member why he/she still is allowed to own a gun without registraion,hopefully he will say the NRA has kept that right for me. It's all for one cause. So if we have 200,000 registered snowmobilers who are all a club/NYSSA member...The politicians will listen!!! Look what happened last year with the insurance fiasco...we bombarded Pataki,Castro and my least two favorite;Schumer and Hillary with letters and e-mails reminding them of the dollars lost. Guess what? We got insurance!!! So,it all boils down to numbers. I think that is Rick's point. The point of not being rich and unable to afford $155 for 3 sleds is pointless. No one said snowmobiling was cheap. Have you pumped gas into those sleds in one day 3 times? If you're a family riding,it's priceless to be out with your kids snowmobiling. We were on welfare when I was a kid and my mom managed to buy us a '72 Elan to keep us busy during the winter. To raising money the old fasion way? Yes,we need to raise all the money we can. Anything and everything helps,even if we have to sell Kool-Aid this summer...

Re: Re: Sandy

.You are as with Rick right, we do need as much of a income as possible.A lot of people out there have no idea who or what NYSSA is or what they stand for(I had no idea until I joined again).If more people knew what the clubs and oganizations are doing for the sport maybe we might have the numbers we need after all it is about awareness and most poeple don't have a clue(as I said I didn't before).My biggest point is if other non-profit business can survive without chokiing its own, we should be able to aswell.By the way when do you Want to start selling Kool-aid???