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Re: Re: Building Meeting

Gotta love that snail-mail!

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Hey Bob,

How's the fam.? You wouldn't believe it, but here's what happened. For once our new newsletter coordinator got me off my butt in time to forward her the info for the newsletter.

She fine tuned it and sent it off to the printer. A week later she e-mailed the printer to see if it was ready to pick up. The printer said "We never received it". Well after panic had already set in the printer apologized and made things right by stopping all other production to get the Penn Mountain News Letter done. That did happen, and our coordinator picked them up printed the labels, sorted them, and fixed a typo on every one, and took them to the post office on Staurday the 24th. By the day of the meeting Saturday the 31st, knowone had received their newsletters yet. We're still not sure where they are but the PO has owned up to the problem and will be refunding our cost of the mailing. Anyway as a result the meeting could not happen. An informational session was held, and a new date for the special meeting will be 6/21/03 10:00 am at the property. A lot of work was negated by the PO error but they will make it right.

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Hey guys

So .. What happened at the special meeting last, May 31st? Are we finally going ahead with the land transfer? Are we going ahead with a building project? PLEASE inform us.

Sorry, I couldn't make it, I was outta town!!