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Killer Show

Hey Snit,
What a great time I had at Katies. The band sounded killer. Can't let my Snit fix go so long again.
The Dog and Pony Show is by far my favorite band.
Can't wait to see you again.
The snobs(you know who I mean) don't know what they are missing.

Peace and Love

Re: Killer Show

Thanks Jeannie!!!You've been supporting us for a LONG time!!and we appreciate it muchly!!!!

Looking for Jeannie

Hi, my name is Aviance and I am looking for Jeannie she bakes some cakes for me and I lost contact I went back home to New Orleans now Im back in Texas. I f you know her are if this is her im repling you, could you have her contact me @ 713-242-8601, I would like her to make some cakes for me....january 25 and feb.7.