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Hi Snit

Wish the vote thing could have worked, oh well.
I wish you all lots of luck, keep us posted on it.

Re: Vote

Thanks for signing up!!And the well wishes!!

Re: Re: Vote

You're welcome.
Just wish I could have got the vote page to accept me, did anyone else from the Quo board manage to do it?

Re: Re: Re: Vote

Dunno..Just sent another message on the board.I'd think that witha 5 digit postal code and a xxx-xxx-xxxx # it would work.Houston is 770xx and 713 area code!!Try it one more time!!Have you listened to the music??We'd love ya if you purchased our CD!!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Vote

I have 3 chordds & a cloud of dust. I'll get around to the other soon, promise.

I'll go listen to the sound bites.