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Buy My Amp!

I am selling my amp. Here's the deal.
I am selling my amp, so I can buy a smaller one to take to college with me. It is only about a year old, and is in perfect condition, and as some of you may already know, it has been pimped, Pat Carroll Customs stlye. I bought it for about $800 and since it is still in perfect condition (arguably better, because it has been customized) I am selling it for $700, or best offer. I could be pretty flexible on the price so, make me an offer if you are interested. By the way, what you would be getting is this:

Fender Stage 100 DSP Head - 100 Watts @ 8 ohms or 160 Watts @ 4 ohms
Fender DT 12 Enclosure - 4 12" Celestion Speakers in cab w/ casters
Four way foot switch - controls channel select, drive, effects, reverb
3' Cable to connect the cab (enclosure) and the Head

Anyway, this is a great amp with a lot of power, and some really nice built in effects. If you are at all interested or have any quations, send me a message. I have posted more pictures of this sweet custom job on my myspace which is, Enjoy!

Re: Buy My Amp!


I'll trade you flat out:

-My Aquabats Album collection
-Tom Hank's "BIG" on VHS
-DW Drums Commerative "Timeless Timber" DVD
-Morley Volume pedal
-My Beatles trading card collection
-Bush "Sixteen Stone" on Cassette Tape

Sound like a deal?
Call to set up an exhange date.

Re: Buy My Amp!

.....sounds like a pretty good deal


landscape vast......

Re: Buy My Amp!

Dude, Will, that's MY Morley Volume Pedal.